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Sparking conversations and inspiring the imagination, one cup at a time.


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Sip in Style.  Dare to be different.  All tumblers are made to order.  They are 15 oz, Stainless steel, & accommodate both hot & cold beverages.  You will receive 2 lids. (Coffee/Straw)  You are NOT limited to the images you see on cups completed.  Any image can be transferred onto a cup.  There is no limit to customization.  Images can be found on various internet sources.  If you have an idea, let us know.  We can help find an image that brings it to fruition.  Or you can leave all the work up to us.  (*Images are not created by SBD.  We do not own the right to any of the images used )  

                                                           Sips by Design makes your vision a reality.  


The source of all things that set us apart from others.   Your cup is made for you and you only.  It is one of a kind.